PRIE is about learning and challenging ourselves to innovate and improve. We are deep into creating new voices and experiences that reach beyond a tasting room counter or an event.

We seek people with passion but, tempered with creativity, strong ethics, and earth empathy. Are you dedicated to learning, forging alternate pathways? Do you look beyond conventional thinking - instead of connecting dots, do you create new dots? Do you have a beginner's mind?

Send us your resume and a letter introducing yourself to geeky@priewinery.com. Grammar counts. Buzzwords don't.


Event/Tasting Hospitality Team Member

Are you an extrovert or borderline introvert? Are you enthusiastic about wine? Do you have excellent social and verbal communication skills? Willing to learn?

We have multiple hospitality team positions available. Our future member is engaging and dynamic. We seek curious minds and an open personality with a growth mindset. We are looking for someone(s) who loves interacting with and working with groups of people.

It's more than just pouring wine. Guiding guests through wine history, touring the vineyard, and creating relationships. Individuals should (though not required) have prior experience in hospitality or willing to learn. Do you have a collection of hats? You will with us. We are an eccentric group of people, moving fast and always working on making a place to be proud of. The work spans across a variety of efforts, including but not limited to: connecting and inspiring guests, assist in: events, processing orders, answering phones, cleaning, restocking, washing glassware, and having fun.

You should have a strong eye for detail and have the ability to manage your own time effectively.


Hospitality Team Lead

In addition to the Member's scope of responsibilities, the team lead is a member of the core staff who coordinates hospitality activities across teams. This includes event development, and building and coaching their team. This role requires a person with strong (or emerging) experience in hospitality and customer service. While not specifically required, a university degree (AA, BA, MA) relating to hospitality is advantageous. He/She/They should comport in a professional, warm, and honest manner.

As a core member, you are self-motivated and act independently to coordinate and mentor the hospitality team. Consequently, experience coaching teams is desired.

Office and organizational skills include the ability to create and present information to the core team and outside organizations. This can include group discussions, written reports, and formal presentations.

This is a great opportunity as a member of the leadership team, you will help shape future directions, event and marketing strategies, and culture.


Harvest Studies & Interns

We are looking for several people to help us with harvest and cellar stewardship. You would be shoulder-to-shoulder with us from watching the sunrise on early morning harvests to cleaning, crush, and fermentation management.

It's about applied learning. Whether you are finishing an Enology degree, or newly minted, or intellectually curious, and willing to experience the wild ride of harvest. We take pride in what and how we make wine. For the right persons, be prepared for an emersion of harvest empathy both physically and in critical thinking, hard-work, midnight breakfasts, and willing to ask the question not asked.


Physical/Temporal/Mental/Social Requirements

You have to be able to think. Really, can you multitask, problem-solve, have excellent verbal and written communication, and think? Have high ethical and work standards?

Are you 21 years of age or older (Tasting Room), or 18 years for harvest?

Harvest work is physical, can you lift case goods, move barrels and totes? Do you have a flexible schedule - work weekends, early mornings, late nights? Eight days a week?

Compensation dependent upon experience.


Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

PRIE is committed to adherence to the letter and spirit of the laws that define equal employment opportunity along with the right to be who you are. We are pledged to affirmative action applied to both volunteers, the workforce, and visitors. Therefore, PRIE believes all visitors, volunteers, and those of our workforce (contract, recruit, hire, promote and transfer qualified persons into all job classifications) are treated without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or citizenship status, sex, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, disability, military status, source of income, or any other protected status. Furthermore, all volunteers, visitors, and workforce are free from harassment, bullying, and discrimination. We call this our Ethics Contract.

All workforce decisions are based on 1) individual merit, qualifications and competence as they relate to a particular position and 2) promotion of the principle of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.