Tasting and Guest Policy


Visiting and Use Policies

Basics. A tasting is limited to 1 hour, and you should know:

The Nitty-Gritty of Groups. A Group is defined as 10 or more guests (including non-drinkers), and a tasting is limited to 1.5 hours. We do have some limits that you should be aware of:


Visiting Pets

Pets are guesses too, and we love to talk with them. Sadly, since they cannot as of yet read, please let them know:

Lastly, please consider bringing your pet on property as a privilege.

Winery and Vineyard Grounds

PRIE is a working vineyard and because of inherent safety hazards that are associated with the aspects of farming and a winery, guests are not permitted to enter into any of our vineyard areas at any time unless accompanied by staff. Or are participating on a tour. Guests are prohibited from touching, siting, or climbing on vineyard or winery equipment.


Alcohol Consumption

PRIE takes the consumption of alcohol and its control in the sale of such very seriously. This as mandated by Federal and State Local Laws. A person or persons who appear to show signs of intoxication while on premise will be refused additional service at PRIE. Guests who arrive at PRIE who appear to be or are intoxicated will be refused service and barred entry to our facility. We are a zero-tolerance facility for alcohol abuse and its effects on our guests and staff members. In cooperation with local law enforcement agencies. And as the circumstances of any event might dictate please know that local law presence will be called to intervene on behalf of PRIE and its Guests as to protect our rights under the ALCOHOL BEVERAGE CONTROL License laws as issued by the State of California. This policy is Non-Negotiable.