2021 Vineyard Dinners Series

Welcome to PRIE's evening dinner and music "timeouts". Enjoy a cool summer evening in the vineyard with a dinner and friends. This year we continue to focus our support of local, small businesses (who can really use the boost). Reservations are $15 per person, this includes a $5 coupon for wine.

We have dropped the dinner option, and encourage guests to directly support their local food trucks, and restaurants. Seating is limited to provide a safe environment; consequently we sell out quickly. Please reserve early to ensure table preferences.

We want to remind everyone to please refer to our COVID-19 guidelines and policies when visiting. As part of these efforts, please be aware masks are required and seating is limited to 6 per table.

If you have a recommendation for dinners and music, please let us know.


Aug 14th, 6-9p, Crosstown 5 (Reservations)


Cross Town 5 is a five piece band playing dance, rock songs from the 50's to today with a little Motown, country and more! Photo courtesy of Crosstown.


Sep 25th, 6-9p, Big Booty Bob and Bill (Reservations)

Big Booty Bob and Bill

Big Booty Bob and Bill are a duo playing a mix of oldies, classic and today's hits.

Watch for the July (Blues Mechanix, Sweet Taunts, TBD), August (Georgetone,Blues Mechanix, TBD), and September(Acoustic Measures, Big Botty Bob) announcements.